Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Show Down-Political Boxing Poster

I stumbled across a Obama vs McCain poster.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chairman Mao Art Exhibit

I went to check out the Chinese Socialist propaganda art exhibit at
the Asia Society and Museum. There's original concept art, paintings,
sketches of Chairman Mao's effort to promote socialism that is worthy
of a look see.

Sarah Palin Window

I was cruising the West Village and saw this window display at the
Marc Jacob's store.

Banksy Pet Store Pics

Banksy throw up "Exotic Pet Store" gallery is awesome, it's a tongue
in cheek look at animals and our culture. I'm glad I stumbled across
the show because it's only going on for a couple of weeks and one of
the best art shows I've seen.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station captures what NY is about. Just standing there
you can't help but think about the history of this building and the
rad architecture. I spent and hour looking at all the details.

My First NFL game

You can't live in America and not go to a NFL game, complete with
tail gating and all. My buddy hooked it up and showed me what its all

The United Nations building has two awesome sculptures. The twisted gun is amazing, so is the broken mechanized world.