Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Ended at Fischerspooner. Awesome

My friend took me to the Kitane Maison Party and it turned out Fishcherspooner was playing!

Nike Sports Wear

I'm pleasantly surprised with the new Nike Sports Wear on Mercer St, the design of the store equals all the exquisite detail of the clothing. I have to confess, I'm a skeptic when I hear about another hypebeasty store but Nike constantly amazes me how they carefully balance innovation in sports wear and still manage to commercialize their athletic heritage.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Shoe Repairman

I really have an appreciation for craftmanship. This shoe repair guy has his leather stitcher right out on the street to repair well worn shoes.

This fine gentleman has all the qualities of a classic hustler-an awesome suit and amazing flow. It doesn't matter what he's selling, I'll take two, even if I don't need a vegetable peeler.

Imported Canadian Beer

This Canadian version of "Budweiser" at the Morrisey night in NYC were $9.00 each–that's hefty. I made an exception for the novelty of stepping up to the bar and asking for a Canadian. Earlier on, I heard the best line in a bar line up. The crowd looked like frat boys and girls crowd trying to get into the popular Sunday Morrissey night. After the bouncer let a couple OG skater guys by pass the line, I heard some complaining. The bouncer turns to them, "Those two are the coolest dudes I know, so don't judge someone by what they wear." That made me laugh, all these trendoids don't recognize it's those skater dudes that made that place cool in the first place especially after rolling up on skateboards to the bar–what a classic NYC moment.